Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were seen in New York yesterday and she was wearing a huge ring on that finger that looks like it could be of the engagement variety. So far there’s been no word on whether or not this is actually what it is but… I could see it. These two totally give off that intense infatuation vibe. Fast Flames, man. 


Megan and MGK are in NYC for SNL. (That, really, is the whole point of this point of this post, I wanted to use all those acronyms.) He’s the musical guest this weekend, and the host is John Krasinski – his first time. Which surprises me, because John was on The Office for so long and that was an NBC show. He was actually supposed to do it last spring and then, well, you know. No one was doing anything last spring. But then he did his thing… 

Remember Some Good News? To be honest, I almost didn’t. SGN isn’t even part of the notes I had down for this post, and it actually just came to me right now, as I’m writing. But during the early part of the pandemic in North America SGN was one of the good news stories that came out of the confusion and anxiety of lockdown. John reported only good news stories from home, and invited some of his famous friends to make cameos. But by the time 2020 was coming to a close, I don’t recall seeing too many mentions of it as one of the highlights of the year…probably because he sold it and there was some controversy about whether or not that disturbed the purity of the idea. Isn’t is interesting though what we have and haven’t retained from this f-cked up year? 

Anyway I wonder if SGN is going to make an appearance on SNL this weekend?