Kathleen namechecked Michael B Jordan in the previous post about Shawn Mendes’s new video. God he is so f-cking cute in that video. That reminded me that we have new photos of MBJ heading to the Lakers game last night. And I’m not going to pretend that I have anything to say about him here other than how much I like his outfit. As John Oliver would say, #Feminism. 

MBJ never looks bad. He always looks stylish. His coat game is always proper. He consistently wears the sh-t out of his pants. This, though, even by his standards, is a standout outfit. Good denim jacket with the leather strips. The jeans with what looks like white paint splatter. And hello these boots. Looks like suede to me. With belts and chains wrapped around the ankles. I’m all over metal MBJ.  

F-ck, I want these boots. Are these from his upcoming Coach line? Is there a woman’s version? There should be a woman’s version. 

In other MBJ clothing news, it’s Halloween next week. It’s the first Halloween since Black Panther came out. Which means Black Panther costumes are going to be big on the block. Or… 

I’m hearing, in my bubble anyway, that kids want to be Killmonger more than they want to be Black Panther, like the extra one, the black and bright gold one, instead of T’Challa’s more subtle suit selection, the black with the silver accents. I mean… I kinda get it. Also, for parents, it’s probably safer? Easier to see?