Well, it’s been a whole week of Lady Gaga stepping out in giant foot-high heels so why not end it with another sky-high outfit as she continues to show off just how many pairs of these she has and just how often she can step out in them. 


As Gaga continues to rehearse for her upcoming Tony Bennett birthday tribute shows, and as more and more people in New York are gathering around for sightings of her, and as she must know that the paps are taking pictures every day and the internet is circulating them, she’s giving us a daily fashion performance, sometimes multiple times daily. It’s for the fans! Little Monsters love when Mother Monster serves looks. 

Here she is in a body suit, over sparkly tights, a blazer, and a head scarf. It’s extra, it’s theatre, it’s Gaga, it’s what we missed in lockdown, so yes, Gaga, give us as much of this as you want to, I’m not here to bitch about it. 

Also, this just in…


Posters for House of Gucci have now been released: 

“Academy Award Winner LADY GAGA” on a movie poster must feel GREAT.