I almost didn’t recognise Lucy Boynton at the premiere of The Pale Blue Eye because she’s changed her hair colour. For a while there, Lucy’s look was chin-length blonde bob, and now she’s grown it out a bit and gone red. I like it, and not just for the aesthetic but for the work – she can disappear like this, and slip in and out of any role. 


As for the styling, though, I do love this Chanel dress on her because for me personally, it’s where I live. It’s also where the film lives, as The Pale Blue Eye is set in the 1830s so she’s kinda dressing on theme with this Victorian silhouette and modern at the same time with the drop sleeve and how beautifully the layers are constructed with different materials. And it’s the perfect shoe choice – a classic Chanel white pump with the black toe and the band. 

Lucy is also nodding to the film with her makeup. The Pale Blue Eye is a murder mystery and there’s an Edgar Allen Poe connection so we’re talking Gothic literature and with her red hair and the dark lip, very little blush, in combination with the white dress, Lucy’s kinda playing up the creepy doll energy. The girl in the white dress is not all innocent, this girl in this white dress has secrets, she is moody and mysterious, melancholy follows wherever she goes…

That’s the character Lucy is performing on the red carpet in her poses and her expression. And all of this, again, is an example of how the red carpet is part of the work.