While we’re making reassurances before the end of the year, here are Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig arriving in Paris a few days ago on Christmas Eve. These two are rarely seen together and, I guess, because they’re so rarely seen together, people don’t start reporting that they’re breaking up when they’re not seen together for a week. 

It was a relatively quiet year for both Rachel and Daniel in 2017. She promoted a few independent films on the festival circuit but mostly kept a low profile and Daniel was in Logan Lucky but I don’t remember him doing much press at all for that movie or even showing up for a red carpet. The biggest headline I can remember about Daniel Craig this year is that he confirmed that he will return for Bond 25, which happened on Colbert, during an interview that was supposed to be for Logan Lucky but ended up being overshadowed by his announcement about Bond

That’s pretty much all we know though about Bond 25. Daniel’s in place but they’ve yet to announce a title or confirm a director. Barbara Broccoli promised that we should find out about both early in the New Year. Because, of course, the film is scheduled for November 2019. Given how long it typically takes to shoot a Bond movie (there are always multiple locations involving intricate stunts) they probably want to get started sooner rather than later so as to avoid the tight production turnaround that they worked with on Spectre. Spectre, if you recall, was shoot and cut in 11 months. That was 7 months of filming and just 4 months in post. And afterwards, that’s when Daniel started talking about wanting to slash his wrists rather than returning for another. Needless to say, that kind of timeline contributed – and likely exacerbated – stress levels. If there’s a choice, anyone would want more time than less time.