“Zendaya” there in the title is used as a verb. My wardrobe, and my makeup, has been totally Zendaya-ed. For the last two weeks at TIFF, all I’ve been doing with my eye makeup is her eye makeup in Euphoria: glitter under the eyes, like crying glitter. It’s not delicately applied – it’s deliberately applied to look like there are glitter tears smudged all over the place, I f-cking love it so much. 

Zendaya presented her second – and final – collection for Tommy Hilfiger this week in New York. The clothes are excellent, of course they are. And she is the most excellent ambassador of these designs, in collaboration with Law Roach. Have you seen this? I want this to be my energy. 


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When she shrugs the coat onto her shoulders and keeps stomping? This is how I wish I could write. I want the writing equivalent of that shrug and stomp. 

Anyway, yesterday Zendaya was at the Marc Jacobs show. And telling me what I need in my life: look at this moto trench. Well, f-ck. Now my afternoon is over because I’m hunting for a moto trench even though I just really want this one which I can’t afford. It would last forever though. It would be stylish forever though. It would never be a “lilac blazer”. 

This was my way of cheating the Outfit of the Week. Zendaya has been taken out of qualification for the OOTW because she’s just too good, it would be too expected. But this look needed its moment. And I needed to Zendaya my day.