This probably isn’t a surprise – Barbie Ferreira is leaving Euphoria. There were reports earlier this year that she clashed with Sam Levinson over her character; they did her character, Kat, dirty in season two. You know what’s interesting to me? The timing of Barbie’s announcement. Emmys voting is over. I’m assuming, then, that she waited for that to pass before she made this public, which tells me that she did not want to start any sh-t. And I respect it. (Dlisted)


This is a LOT of pattern on Heidi Klum. It’s pattern on pattern on pattern and it’s good, very good street style instinct. I’m especially into that duster. I want to find it online and I’m not usually big on a duster but this one is pretty great. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Royal “sources” are now telling the British tabloids that Meghan Markle exaggerated her story about the safety hazard in the room where baby Archie was staying, saying it was “just smoke” and not a fire and, um, how does that make it any better? An infant was still at risk and any parent would be concerned and possibly traumatised.  (Cele|bitchy)

Kathleen made me watch all of Purple Hearts this past weekend and it turned into a hate-watch with me texting her things like “make it stop, please”. So, of course, it’s one of the most popular movies on Netflix right now, LOL. (Pajiba)

I am about to start watching Industry, and this piece on Ken Leung is getting me super jacked up for it. (The Ringer)