The movie I am most looking forward to in 2020 is Bill & Ted Face the Music. I was reluctant to believe this movie was really happening, after almost thirty years of teasing it, but it is happening, it has happened, it will always happen. They filmed Bill & Ted this summer, and now we have the first official images from the movie, including Bill and Ted back in the phone booth. It’s real! I can hardly believe it.

On this new time-travel adventure, Bill & Ted will be joined by their daughters, played by Samara Weaving and Brigitte Lundy-Paine. You know what’s really sweet? Ted’s daughter is named Billie, and Bill’s daughter is named Thea. They named their kids after one another! I love that detail. It also makes sense because Bill and Ted are completely obsessed with each other, so of course their kids are namesakes. We will also get to meet Ted’s younger brother, played by Beck Bennett. He only plays one type of character, so we can assume Ted’s brother will be a smug asshole. But we still don’t know who Anthony Carrigan (Barry’s inimitable Noho Hank) is playing. Maybe the first trailer will give us a clue. I adore Anthony Carrigan, and am so excited to see him in this movie, almost as excited as I am for the return of William Sadler as Death. I love that they’ve included a photo of him, especially as some people hold the wrong opinion that Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey is bad. It is not bad, in fact, it is good, and William Sadler is one of the best parts. I cannot WAIT for the reunion at the Circle K. Why is August 2020 so far away?