In a cheeky and somewhat inevitable move, Olivia Wilde has uploaded Nora Ephron’s salad dressing from Heartburn. As I mentioned yesterday, it is a fictional autobiography of the collapse of Nora’s second marriage. She is cheated on (while pregnant) and hangs onto her secret salad dressing, a metaphor for her hope that he will stop his foolishness and return to his family. 


Food is the way the Nora character cares for and loves her husband and in her goodbye, she teaches him to make the vinaigrette – she lets go. Now the key difference here is that Olivia was allegedly the one stepping out, so the salad dressing has a totally different meaning in the Wilde/Sudekis household. It’s not a symbol of hope, but of infidelity. Heartburn was turned into a movie but what if one day Oliva turns this experience into the movie? If Twitter still exists, it will implode. The opening shot could be her character reading Heartburn. I also must post this illustration from Hunter Harris’s elite Twitter. Imagine going back in time a week and someone showing us this photo? That’s how much has already happened this week. A big “Lemon, it's Wednesday” moment.

Olivia's upload
Olivia's Upload

The Rock has worked with his stylist Ilaria Urbinati for a long time and if anyone has an article on how she sources clothes for him, send it my way. Design houses are not typically size inclusive and he has huge arms (obviously), so how does he find clothes? Is everything custom made? Suits are but what about polo shirts and leather jackets? 


There’s not much to add to the James Corden story (which was funny for about 12 hours but is now getting tired) but I have watched this clip of Tiffany Pollard, a reality TV god, approximately 45 times. Beyoncé used her “Beyoncé sweetie I’m so sorry” line as an opener to "Sorry" on tour. That is power! That is legacy!

This video has convinced me that the next adaptation of a certain book (you’ll know when you watch the video) should be written by this woman. 


Some celebrity endorsements don’t make sense, but Chelsea Handler promoting a CBD/THC drink makes so much sense. Very on brand. 

Billy Ray Cyrus is engaged to a woman called Firerose and there’s not a lot about her online. He was married to Tish Cyrus for 28 years (they split up a few times) but if you had to guess, which do you think is older: his marriage or his new fiancée? 

Attached: Olivia Wilde leaving her morning workout at the Tracy Anderson Gym in Studio City yesterday.