Maude Apatow showed off her apartment to Architectural Digest and it has a pink kitchen and a pink bedroom. It’s very warm and she chose it on vibes. With this move to NYC, she is likely going to do more theatre and as steady as her career has been, I think she’s preparing for the next level. I wonder if Euphoria fits into that at all – she was one of my favourite characters. 


I just don’t know how they will get Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, Sydney Sweeney, Hunter Schaefer and Alexa Demie back on schedule to shoot. Everyone seems very busy.


As angry as the Brads and Chads get at Taylor Swift, it has nothing on Brittany Mahomes because she gets it from all sides: men don’t like her because she isn’t a “humble wife”, women think she “trapped” Patrick (the misogyny is coming from inside the house), some KC fans think she’s too attention seeking, and non-KC fans have a ready-made excuse to hate on her. She is the Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year for its swimsuit edition and the biggest criticism is that she… has not accomplished enough in sports to be a Rookie of the Year. Besides playing soccer at a college-level and being part of an ownership team, do those commentors realize the SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year does not need to be an athlete? It’s a symbolic title, it is not sanctioned by a pro sports body. It’s for models and famous women in many different fields. 


I feel crazy because this has got to be one of the dumbest celebrity critiques I’ve ever heard. “sHE DIdn’t eARn hEr owN sPot.” Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton are not athletes, either. How is this even an argument?!


Donna Karan, the brand, has gathered eight supermodels to relaunch its collection. This is a big budget campaign. Donna’s name has meant a lot of things over the years, from couture to Sex and the City (Carrie’s nude dress) and then licensing out for many different categories as DKNY. So many of these names, like Armani to Michael Kors, have these wide-ranging deals but also have runway shows and couture houses. And like Michael Kors and Georgia Armani, Donna has been around the block. She’s 75, an age when most people are out of the work force. The fashion world is a little different though: Michael Kors is in his 60s, Giorgio Armani is in his 80s and Miuccia Prada is in her 70s. John Galliano is in his 60s - what’s usually considered retirement age! - and just put on one of the most interesting and memorable fashion show in years at Margiela. This kind of experience is essential to the craft. Donna Karan, the person, has not had a role at the brand for years but this campaign is going back to her archives and so my question is, why not bring her back for the relaunch? Her archives, her name – it would be a great strategy. 


Look who’s going to the Super Bowl. 


Yesterday Lainey wrote about the Edward Enninful British Vogue cover and yes, a spectacular accomplishment and visual representation of how much he is loved and respected. There’s a bit of nitpicking about who made it and who didn’t, especially amongst the younger generation of models and celebrities. What I think we are missing from the conversation is magazines used to be powerful enough to anoint new stars, not just showcase them. A Vogue cover could change a career. Really great editors like Edward don’t just look at the now, they look for who is next.