Drew Barrymore went viral for her interview with Brooke Shields and there’s not a lot of talk show hosts being turned into memes like this. It’s a great compliment to Drew’s skill that she is getting people to care so much, especially the generation that makes content like this and might not be tuned in to daytime TV. 


The TV shows we love the most always seem to end too soon, which means they are ending just in time. Succession is done after this season and while I hate to see it end, dramaturgically (thank you Jeremy Strong!) it is the right choice.  But what about a show like Only Murders In the Building? Yes it’s about the core trio but it’s also a whodunit and each season is an opportunity for new case and cast, all rotating around the Arconia. This is my way of saying I never want it to end.


There’s been a big development in Alec Baldwin’s case – the charges have been dropped and there’s questions about a modified trigger that could have caused the gun to misfire (the LA Times is reporting on it here). What an absolute horrific failure on so many levels. This gun should have never been on a set. 


Are you watching Ted Lasso? It’s not doing it for me this season because some of the key relationships that have been set up feel a little neglected (there’s room for more Ted/Nate and Keely/Roy and less Zava). And honestly, someone needs to tell Rebecca to get the f-ck over Rupert! And for a show that was all over social media, the third season response has been a little muted, right?


This is the Yellowstone scoop I was waiting for: Daily Mail (I know) is reporting that Taylor Sheridan has developed a “God complex” and that’s why he’s fallen out with Kevin Costner. It’s a Western showdown! It’s interesting that Daily Mail published the scoop and not The Hollywood Reporter or Deadline, as both publications have been posting very “read between the lines” stories about delays. Allegedly, Costner (who is a producer as well as the star) was told to “stick to acting” when he brought up his concerns about the direction of the storylines. Considering he’s also a very celebrated director, this sounds like an ego battle. I’ve never been more excited about Yellowstone.