Gigi Hadid has opened a holiday store in Aspen for her cashmere line, Guest in Residence. It seems like maybe things have cooled with Leo? Or they are keeping it casual. Very casual. (But that doesn’t mean Leo is dating another model; in fact, a source went to Page Six to directly dispute that. His team doesn’t often shoot down rumours so this seems deliberate.)


Here’s Kirsten Dunst in the perfect Rodarte holiday dress. After The Power of the Dog promotion, she and Jesse Plemons have been really low profile. This is a good thing – they aren’t going to do an Architectural Digest spread unless there’s a reason for it. Also, this is the kind of couple the internet can quickly get weirdly obsessed with and they don’t need that.


Snow has majorly f-cked up my city this week and the airport is a mess. But it’s not just the west coast of Canada dealing with it: a fan took a photo with Damian Lewis at an airport in Iceland). Considering the circumstances, he looks pretty chill. That’s kind of all you can be though, as hard as it is to spend hours on a dirty airport floor. The thing with weather delays is no one can do anything about it, least of all the airline staff who bear the brunt of people’s frustration. You can’t go all Karen on a snow strorm. 


The Rock’s run as Black Adam came to an abrupt end (read Sarah’s piece on why it was a sudden but foreseeable move for DC). He might be licking his wounds a bit but I do wonder if there’s some self reflection here around hubris. Johnson has said he was asked to introduce Black Adam in Shazam and fought against it, wanting to launch the character in a stand-alone film. From my basic understanding of the genre, audiences love it when superheroes pop up in each other’s movie so he might have disregarded some good advice. Overall this will not hurt The Rock’s career or popularity or ability to get movies greenlit but maybe there’s a larger lesson for him.