Christian Siriano had the kind of front row that the internet will be referencing for years. It’s a mix of fan favourites, nostalgia and star power and all three look pretty pleased to be there, and not all pinched and uptight like most people in the front row. Their vibe matches the designer. 


Back in December, it was reported that Dua Lipa was dating Jack Harlow but that seemed to die down really quickly (if it happened at all, it seemed like a lot of photo assumption). She just took a trip to Spain and it looks like a real vacation – lots of food and drink. Dua Lipa has a newsletter, Service95, along with a podcast with a cultural focus. Does anyone subscribe? I think I’m going to try it out. It seems pretty high brow. 


The Jonas Brothers transitioned out of teen stardom the usual way (thirst traps and songs with “suggestive" lyrics), and then had a slightly country album and now are in what looks like a soft rock era. And collectively, they look grown up. 


The first line of this new profile of Nia Long by Clover Hope in The Cut is, “Find me someone, anyone, who doesn’t love Nia Long.” That is the perfect intro because it’s true. Also, it goes without saying but, wow, she is stunning.


Do you watch Billions? I have, but not since Damain Lewis left. Several spin-offs are in the works and the ideas being floated around are Millions and Trillions, as well as a crypto-focused show in Miami, and a financial show in London. This is the Taylor Sheridan effect: he has had so much success with Paramount+ that other networks (like Showtime) want in on the world building. Spin-offs aren’t anything new but they are very hit and miss (for every Frasier, there’s a dozen Joeys). And with Yellowstone, the spin-offs happened as the show was gaining traction thanks to streaming, not as it was petering out. 


The new season of You is on the agenda this week and Cardi B. is stanning again. This is such a pure relationship.