I need new glasses and I like a specific kind from a specific store. This place is a ten minute drive from my house and restrictions are lifted where I live (restaurants, malls etc. are open) but we are still in a pandemic, so I called them to see if they are open (right now, it’s still by appointment only). I’m glad I did. Armie Hammer drove approximately eight hours to a place that was closed and never once, in eight hours, did he think to call the place? Google it? Something? 


Tiffany Haddish 2020. “She Ready!” works as a campaign slogan. I thought Kevin Hart would be her running mate but she surprised me with Dave Chappelle.

Meanwhile Hilary Duff is fed the f-ck up. 

Gigi Hadid responded to a British Vogue tweet about her baby bump and it’s interesting not so much because of the response but the tone. It’s unusual for a model to publicly disagree with a magazine like Vogue on social media. The same story has been widely circulated on different outlets so why is she irritated with them?


Julia Roberts has been pretty active on social media but I do miss A List Julia in her element. Julia is GREAT on junkets, in the little room charming and scolding reporters, and on red carpets when she goose honks and lectures other actors. I want her to talk down to us about being married for 18 years.

You know whose Instagram feed has really excelled during quarantine? January Jones. People on Twitter are constantly commenting on how funny and flip she is – way back in May, Paper anointed her the only celeb worth following during a pandemic. 


The Beckhams’ anniversary is a national holiday (for me) – usually Lainey touches base with me beforehand because she knows I get nervous. But this year, we know they are solid as they’ve been in their country home for months, going on walks and cooking and home schooling. I think David might have even posted before her this year. Even their biggest naysayers (The Sun and Daily Mail) couldn’t spin a negative story out them.

Prem tweeted this video and it’s so good it could be a real YouTube apology. “I literally don’t know I’ll be able to get through this video without crying” and the eye dab killed me.


She’s so sorry. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #youtube

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