Are you watching Insecure this season? I’m going to assume the answer is yes (and if it isn’t, why not???). The breakdown of the show’s central relationship has been fascinating because both Issa and Molly bear responsibility for the way it has gone down. In friendship breakups, maybe even more than romantic breakups, we learn our boundaries and what we want out of the people around us, and ourselves. Issa is trying to accomplish something big after years of being the messy one; Molly is trying to prioritize her relationships (romantic and family) after investing so much of her type-A energy into her career. The friendship is built on who they used to be and this season, their discomfort at seeing their past mistakes reflected in their relationship is constantly hanging over them. So whose side are you on? Vulture breaks down every fight and misunderstanding here. They are both right and wrong, a credit to the writer’s room.


Miley celebrates Malibu, which was a celebration of her reunion with Liam Hemsworth. Her Malibu era was not my favourite but one thing that Liam inspired was better breakup songs than love songs – I still love Wrecking Ball, and Slide Away was underrated. 

Mark Ronson pulled an Ana de Armas and blocked a fan account on Instagram. Is this going a new trend? The BenAna effect.

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens on Cameo? I have because it’s so random – how do they recruit, who sets the price, what is the take-home of a popular celebrity? There’s a story on CBC about an Arrow actor who joined because he wanted to donate to COVID-19 relief and his experience went awry when he thought his friends were punking him with a request. His fee: $30. 


Katy Perry’s new single “Daisies” is being released on Friday, with a performance on Amazon Music, and there are rumours of a Taylor Swift collaboration. Taylor’s had deals with AT+T, Apple Music and Netflix and her upcoming City of Lover concert special is on ABC/Disney+. Artists cross over corporate deals all the time so not sure if it matters or if it’s a sign that it’s not happening, at least for this single. Katy has a whole album coming so their rumoured single could come out later. Or maybe it’s Friday? Swifties still think so. They are going to be so pissed if they don’t get their way.

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme has performed at the Super Bowl and will soon release her first book, Lord Help Me. (That’s the name of the book, Lord Help Me.) JLo has said her daughter has the performance gene and it seems like she also has the multitasking gene. What career advice do you think Jennifer and Marc Anthony give their daughter? When Willow and Jaden Smith were younger, Will and Jada said they could choose their projects and because money wasn’t a factor, it took the stress out of booking jobs, thus removing a lot of the childhood star pitfalls. The worry with young performers is that, as history has shown us, it ends up being a poisonous experience most of the time. Willow and Jaden don’t seem fame hungry at all and they maintain a public persona while maintaining their privacy. Could the Smith family’s method actually work?