Tamron Hall is not the first person to dress as Cardi B., but she has set a new standard. And what a compliment to your aesthetic that multiple people can dress as you for Halloween and it’s instantly recognizable.


There’s a curious Zillow listing for a home in New Orleans believed to be owned by the Knowles-Carter family, but the photos aren’t updated, the phone number belongs to an out-of-state lawyer, and there’s a recent price increase. 


There’s another update to Zayn and Gigi’s nuclear split (here’s my story that was posted this morning) and lots of details: TMZ reports that the incident happened in late September, Zayn was charged with four criminal counts of harassment and plead no contest on one count. His plea includes 90 days probation, anger management, a domestic violence program, and no contact with Yolanda Hadid and her security guard (who was present). The plea happened on October 27, and the next day the story was leaked. So again – was it to get ahead of the story? Or to secure public support? Or a punishment? It seems like TMZ had to dig for the paperwork and that’s not the usual cycle; usually they find something and then the story has to be handled. 

Is Chris Hemsworth eating a pineapple pizza? If so, I approve! (Even if he isn’t, it’s pizza and chicken wings and I approve.)


Some celebrities want to be relatable and impress us with a crockpot meal. Martha Stewart wants to show us her business class caviar and Champagne. She’s not playing humble.

I’m almost at the end of You and no spoilers, but they really need to switch it up for the next season. But whoever was responsible for the hair did an incredible job – all of the men had a lot of bounce. 


How annoyed was Ryan Seacrest when those photos of Mitt Romney as Ted Lasso were posted all over social media? Beat him by one day but really, they are both too late: slutty Ted Lasso still has them all beat.