Let’s start today with Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday nude. The body, obviously. It’s no secret that G works very hard on her fitness and that it is part of her brand, which is why she used this post to promote a new Goop product. The headline is Apple’s comment, a simple “MOM”, that says so much. Then there are the accolades, from Courteney Cox, Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, Olivia Wilde, Josh Gad, Paris Hilton, Ashley Graham, and Naomi Campbell, to name a few. But I wanted to go a little deeper and two things stuck out: both Guy Oseary and Debi Mazar commented and they are both very closely associated with Madonna (Guy is her manager, Debi is her ride or die). What does this mean?! I would love for Madge and Gwyneth to reconcile, if only because I want to see a future with Apple Martin and Lourdes Leon hanging out together. 


And there’s this: Jessica Seinfeld didn’t like or comment on G’s post. A few weeks back it was Jessica’s birthday and Gwyneth didn’t like her birthday post. To add a twist, Jessica did like Brad Falchuk’s post about her. What is going on here?! If you think this is just petty social media stuff, you are right – but that doesn’t mean it’s not symbolic. G and Jessica were very tight (remember, the Seinfelds hosted the Falchuks rehearsal dinner). Last year, G’s birthday got a dedicated post and this year, not even a like? Think about your own circle and if this happened, would it cause a ripple? There’s something deliberate happening here.

We are going to reach into the archives for a minute to around this time last year when the Jeremy Renner app was causing so much drama. (Were we ever so young?) To catch up, here is my dedicated post on it (the one and only time I’ve used this column to cover just one celebrity – that’s how momentous this all was.) A reader called Julianna wrote in to let me know about a new six-part podcast, The Renner Files,  hosted by Sarah Ramos and Caroline Goldfarb. It’s like true crime, but instead of murder in a small town, it’s about an ill-fated app that shook an Internet fandom to its core. I have the first episode cued up and I hope we take this journey together. (Thank you Julianna!)


We know The Rock doesn’t do anything by half measures (I mean, look at his arms) so it’s no surprise that his first-ever political endorsement includes a video from his sit-down with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Back in 2017, he said he didn’t endorse anyone because he didn’t want to alienate half his audience but clearly, like Taylor Swift, the situation has become too troublesome to ignore. 

With The Rock in the game, there are really only a handful of celebrities who still abide by the “no politics” rule (Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Chris Pratt, Mark Wahlberg, Carrie Underwood). It’s become a very small pool.


Adele posted about Nicole Richie. Please note the green kitchen cabinets (at least they look green to me). Is this a design trend? It’s very similar to Dakota Johnson’s kitchen from the now-iconic Architectural Digest shoot. (Similar, but they are definitely not at Dakota’s house.)