Obviously, outlets are tracking Sophie Turner’s follows and unfollows (reportedly, Priyanka Chopra has been cut). This, to me, is totally normal breakup behavior. It’s not like we know if Joe follows Sophie’s family. She hasn’t purged her Instagram yet but that’s normal as well. I feel like it’s not personal. 


When I say the Bravoverse is its own celebrity eco-system. Jax Taylor (a Bravo A-lister) was on WWHL with a supporting cast member from another show (it’s common to mix up the casts like this). The “bartender” spot is always a little awkward as it’s reserved for a someone who is in-the-know but typically not on the show. It could be a Bravo podcaster or blogger; they are supporting players. Last night’s bartender was… Paulina Gretzky. I’m so confused here as Paulina has real money (not Hollywood money) and while she’s flashy on Instagram with her stuff, she’s not very vocal. Why did she agree to bartend? Is she trying to audition for Beverley Hills? It’s a hard franchise to get on because LA is stacked with women who want to be famous (whereas Bravo has always had problem casting rich New Yorkers, who shun the show). She does have a famous name, a famous husband and a Hermes belt so she’s on her way. But as we know, one of the most dour Housewives in history (Teddi Mellencamp) had all of those things so a name is not enough. A woman needs to come with some fight in her and a lot of zest. Does Paulina have zest? That’s what Andy was watching for. 


Angie Harmon has taken in a squirrel and it’s quite a journey. There are a lot of squirrels in my area and I respect them because they terrify me. They are really fast and not scared of humans at all, so I keep my distance. If one came in my house, I would simply move because it’s the squirrel’s house now. 


This morning Sarah wrote about Nelson Peltz’s proxy war with Disney and in my petty mind, what if he’s trying to secure a board seat and job for his daughter Nicola? And Brooklyn can tag along to the meetings. It will give them something to do.


Going into the weekend in a season rich with gossip, I have to say that Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid make total sense to me, much more than her and Leo. Both Bradley and Gigi are co-parents to a little girl and this tracks with Bradley’s dating history. Also, Bradley is sober and Gigi does not strike me as a partier.


It’s pretty interesting that the same week that the Big Yikes Variety story about Aquaman came out, Jason Mamoa is on tour with a vodka brand