Keri Russel is not on Instagram, so this rare sighting deserves a post. It also gives us a chance to catch up with her partner, Matthew Rhys, who has restored a classic boat and now rents it out in New York. This seems like a very intense and time consuming passion project and even actors as hot as Keri and Matthew are just people with schedules and work and childcare considerations. Do you think she’s ever like “Ugh this f-cking boat”? 


Sharon Stone commented on this, “Can I say you look good cuz you do (fire emoji),” which she obviously meant to be supportive, but it’s also exactly the kind of comment he was asking people not to post. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m surprised Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan are still together considering their messy courtship. But they seem more domestic than ever, especially with this 30th birthday gift: a KitchenAid stand mixer. For someone who bakes or makes dough, I understand this a very useful investment. But is it a good gift when budget isn’t a consideration? I like receiving kitchen stuff so for me, yes. But I also love vacuums, and that’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Can’t really have multiple vacuums, though if I had space, I would. 


I didn’t watch all of Kim Kardashian’s SNL episode because the show is too long, but this skit stood out – it took a lot of people to say yes to make this happen. My only note is that Kim’s wig needed longer barrel curls and her dress could have been more basic. 

Sunday. Night. 


What happens when pop culture meets right wing paranoia? Kitson – the boutique that influenced celebrity street style in the Paris Hilton era – papers its windows with COVID conspiracy theories and CDAN (Crazy Days and Nights), once known for questionable “blind vices,” is spreading Q rhetoric alongside celebrity gossip. There’s two great stories for the weekend if you haven’t already read them: How Celebrity Gossip Site Crazy Days and Nights Went QAnon by Katie Notopoulos in Buzzfeed and the other is The Red Pilling of Kitson by Bridget Reed in The Cut.