In what has to be one of the dumbest controversies of the month, Millie Bobby Brown is being criticized for using a ghostwriter. UMMMMM. Please. Every single celebrity uses a ghostwriter for fiction and non-fiction, which is fine by me. Writing is a skill and writing a book is more specialized – it’s not like we expect people at karaoke to sing like Mariah Carey, right? Also, she gives credit to and acknowledges her co-writer, which most famous people won’t do.


On a weekend away with friends, including celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, Kaley Cuoco attempted to do a bunch of hair tutorials. So many tutorial videos (makeup, cooking, hair, home organizing) are full of lies and trickery. It’s like in cooking videos, they rarely allot enough time for chicken to cook. In home organizing, where does all the garbage and recycling go? If you constantly move your cleaning products into cute glass containers and sort your pantry like a library, how fast does that recycling bin fill up? We want the truth.


Quincy Jones and family for Tommy Hilfiger – love this! Very Americana. 

Interesting scoop via TMZ that Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife were spotted together. This is significant because they had a very nasty split and custody issues. She has since moved on and recently had a baby in the spring with an ex-NHL player who… has been scrubbed from her social media. 


What’s one thing you are confident can be done even though others say it’s impossible? Mine is “rob a casino.” I’m not saying I would rob a casino, I’m just saying I think it could be done. Not in an Ocean’s 11 or 12 way, but a good old smash and grab. Here is my theory: casino companies have done such a good job at convincing people they are impenetrable that no one tries. (This fantastical train of thought came from the recent cyberattack on MGM. That’s probably the future of robbery.)


Two of Diddy’s daughters joined him on stage at the MTV Awards and OMG, superstars! Huge It Girl Energy from both of them, just like their mother, Kim. 

I need to stop laughing at this Sean Penn interview and get on with my day but the quotes are SO ridiculous. “This f---ing bulls--- wouldn’t have happened with [Ukraine president] Zelenskyy. Will Smith would never have left that chair to be part of stupid violence. It never would have happened.” And Mark Wahlberg could have prevented 9/11…. with his fists. 


OK speaking of utterly delusional, I don’t want to give too much air to the Chris Evans fandom but “getting married is disrespectful to 9/11” has to be in the Tumblr hall of fame.