Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out for the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge today in London, meeting with young leaders from across the Commonwealth to hear their ideas about the change they want to see by 2040. 


“Meghan and I” still makes me smile. And I’m not even her. Can you imagine being her? 

Before we talk about Meghan’s outfit, let’s first establish that her outfit was not the best of the event. That honour belongs to the person in the pink jacket below. With the hair. And the earrings. And did I mention all that pinkness? That outfit was intended to be a statement. It deserves to be acknowledged. I will be diligently scanning for other angles and shots to properly pay tribute. Because even Royal Meghan knows she was outplayed. 

As for this yellow dress, it’s about as safe of a look as possible. There is nothing to criticise. Which means it’s boring AF but the colour does look spectacular on her. The Queen would approve. Her Majesty does love the brightness. And, thankfully, I think maybe Meghan’s fixed that goddamn makeup problem or she was taught to blend her blush and bronzer more evenly. 

Will post more photos from this event as they become available. Hopefully with new shots of the Best Outfit.