Monday’s photocall for Wonka in London was a relatively lowkey affair, given that Timothee Chalamet, one of the few men who is a true red carpet star, is involved. With Timmy, we have come to expect a lot, as we expect a lot from Zendaya, Rihanna, and Margot Robbie in her Barbie era (should we add Hunter Schafer to this list? I feel like we should). I hoped the premiere itself would be more of a fashion event, as a treat, but as treats go, it was only a little one.


Timothee stepped out in a raspberry velvet Tom Ford suit with no shirt, which is becoming his “uniform”, he loves a suit sans shirt. He also wore a Cartier necklace that offers a little interest. This is not his most interesting styling, but it IS appropriately Wonka-esque. A brightly colored velvet, but not purple, minimal accessories and certainly no oversized tie, he isn’t copying Gene Wilder’s iconic look as Willy Wonka, but he’s definitely in the wheelhouse. I think in this instance, smart was prioritized over style.


Speaking of hair, Olivia Colman dyed her hair platinum for this event. She went for a black-on-black cape and dress ensemble by Roland Mouret, and brought her husband, Ed Sinclair. He always looks so proud of her. (Ed Sinclair is that Tom Holland, Travis Kelce, stoked by how cool his wife is type: discuss.) One of Colman’s fellow queens from The Crown was there, too, as Imelda Staunton accompanied her husband, Jim Carter of Downtown Abbey but now also Wonka fame, and their daughter, Bessie Carter, who plays Prudence Featherington on Bridgerton. I am learning so much about the Carter-Staunton family because of Wonka!


Sally Hawkins can always be counted on for a dramatic red carpet look, and she did not disappoint. She’s my best dressed in bronze patterned silk with GIANT gloves. The only thing I dislike are the black tights, but it’s chilly out, so I will let it slide. Also, I am assuming the fabric is supposed to have a crushed look and is not merely wrinkled. 


Finally, Hugh Grant was there with his wife, Anna Elisabet Eberstein. He looks like he always looks, her mini-dress is a good “not the star” look for such an event, though points deducted for taupe shoes. And then there is Calah Lane, Timmy’s young co-star. She is something like 14 years old and wearing a sparkly pink dress. She looks thrilled, this is her big break, and she is adorable. I don’t think we should put “best dressed” pressure on kids, which is why I’m not rating her against the adults, but she reminds me a lot of Hailee Steinfeld at that age, back when she was promoting True Grit

Overall, this is a step up from the photocall, but still not as adventurous as I was hoping, at least from Timmy. I would assume he’s toning it down for the family-friendly Wonka crowd, except he went to Tokyo and dressed like The Matrix the whole time he was there. He can do better! He must do better! Make Wonka worth it, Timothee! 

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