We love Timothee Chalamet here at LaineyGossip. He’s talented, he’s so pretty, and he has great hair. Can you imagine what it would be like to meet him in person? One incredibly lucky Twitter user did, and she shared her story in a hilarious Twitter thread after sitting next to him on a 3-hour flight. 


When I wrote about Lana Condor, I shared my very real dream of meeting celebrities and becoming best friends with them. This dream usually ends up with me stealing the spotlight at an award show or attending various yacht parties. Unfortunately, since I’m not as suave and collected as I appear to be, if I were on that 3-hour flight, my interaction with Timothee would probably have gone something like this:

*Silence for 2.5 hours because I’m too nervous to talk to him. I am profusely sweating and self-conscious of that fact, making me sweat more.*

Me: Sorry to bother you, but are you Timothee Chalamet? 

Him: Yes, I am! *high five* (apparently, he high fives a lot? My palms are really sweaty though so this will probably be the only high five I get.)

Me: Cool, cool, cool. You were great in…(I blank on everything I’ve ever known, and suddenly my brain is disconnected from the rest of my body).

Him:Call Me by Your Name

Me: Yes! The gay one! I mean, there’s more to it than being gay. There’s also a peach scene. And some other great stuff. Um, I also like your other things. Like Lady Bug…

Him: Lady Bird

Me: That’s what I meant, I swear I know all of this.

Him: *laughs* Don’t worry about it (because he’s such a kind human being)

Me: ALSO YOU’RE VERY PRETTY! (I switch to shouting things because it might make them seem less awkward. I am wrong.)

Him: Haha thanks! *starts putting on earphones, because who actually wants to be in this conversation*

Me: I’ll let you get back to what you were doing, it was nice meeting you *sticks out sopping wet hand for handshake*

Him: *fist bumps me Howie Mandel style instead and turns away*

Me: *faints*

Lainey wrote about Timothee at Palm Springs and his genuine and earnest admiration of other actors. He is a true fanboy, and he is unashamed about that. Plane Timothee seems very on brand with this. He is polite, inquisitive, and actually makes an attempt to learn more about this girl. She even talks about how she felt like she was talking to a friend because he made her feel so comfortable. This is why he’s such an unproblematic fave, and why I like him – he’s so good at his job, but it doesn’t seem to have gotten to his head…yet.

While we’re on the subject, what is the etiquette of meeting a celebrity in public? (Lainey: Prem is the only one here who wants to meet and become friends with a celebrity. The rest of us are watchers. He’s young, forgive him.) Interrupting a celebrity while they’re out and about seems rude. But consider, if the downside to your career is that people regularly stop you to tell you how much they like you and your work, I feel like you can suck it up. I’m sure the extra ego boost make you feel pretty good too. I know I would. 

What questions do you ask? The girl who sat next to Timothee asked questions including “do you know Beyoncé?” (I like this one, because it’s important to connect anything in life back to Beyoncé. Plus, if Timothee can introduce you to Beyoncé, you need to know!) I think any question is fair game, so long as you’re prepared to look like an absolute idiot. You’ve only got a short time with them, so I say make it count. Would I ask Timothee about Lily-Rose Depp? Probably. 

When we meet celebrities, there’s an inherent urge to acknowledge that we know all of their work. We want to seem like a legit fan, not one of those fakes that only knows the big titles. Always go with the second biggest film they were in. It makes you seem somewhat knowledgeable, but also doesn’t back you into a corner where you have to answer questions about something you don’t know a lot about. Do I know that Timothee was in Beautiful Boy (2018)? Yes. Do I know anything about that film? No. (Unless you’re Sarah or Joanna in which case you don’t have to worry because you have encyclopedic film knowledge.)

Lastly, the proof. I’m sure celebs are used to taking pictures and signing various objects for fans. That’s great, and it’s a very material way to prove that you met someone, but I think we should start being creative with what we ask for our souvenirs. If I ever meet Timothee, I’m going to ask for a secret handshake. Tons of people have photos with him, but how many do you think have a secret handshake? I rest my case.

Attached - Timothee at the Knicks game in New York yesterday.