I don’t always agree with Whoopi, but she’s right about sex on the beach and sex in a pool. Don’t get me wrong – both LOOK great. Like if it’s a scene in a movie or a television show, for sure, it’s steamy, and I totally get the horny vibes. But in real life it doesn’t really work that way. As Whoopi says, water is often a resistance. And for the beach… maybe I’m too precious but the f-cking sand on my skin! (Pajiba)


Kathleen’s hilarious piece on Celebrity Thirst with Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins. Who we thirst over and why can tell us a lot about ourselves…and each other! (Refinery 29)

It’s been reported that the WGA and the AMTPT have agreed to sit down and discuss when to resume negotiations. In other words they’re going to talk about when they can talk. Which isn’t necessarily progress but it’s not not progress either. In the meantime, the picketing continues – Adam Sandler joined the strike with Ben Stiller, also Paul Giammatti and Lucy Liu and Patricia Clarkson and also Scott Bakula.  (Go Fug Yourself)

Like I said, I don’t know sh-t about home design so my opinion is worthless here. This is Lady Gaga’s red rug. It is a lot. But Gaga is a lot. Gaga is nothing if she’s not extra so I feel like this totally tracks for her space, where she lives, how she likes to live. I like it… which probably means that it’s not a good design feature? (Celebitchy)

Jonathan Majors was in court today with Meagan Good by his side. He is accused of domestic violence. The trial has now been delayed until September. (The Cut)