We were just talking about Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley last week and over the weekend, sources confirmed an engagement to PEOPLE, which means it’s a sanctioned announcement. If they have a wedding (rather than an elopement), it should be a pretty celeb-heavy guest list. 


I know Jack Antonoff best from his work with Taylor Swift, who was a bridesmaid at Lena Dunham’s wedding (Jack and Lena dated for years). Taylor’s squad era has been analyzed to death, but her ability to juggle her professional bond with Jack and personal relationship with Lena? That’s a friendship skill. (Link is here)


Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein announced their separation, which isn’t super surprising if you read her book or listen to her podcast. She’s been pretty upfront about their marriage issues over the years and there was no big statement or scandal. (Link is here)

Boomer Cowboy Dynasty is filming (this is not a knock on Yellowstone, I’ve watched every episode) and we all know Cole Hauser was in Good Will Hunting, right? Look it up, it’s true! (Link is here)


It took me way too long to realize this was a cardboard cut-out of The Rock. (Link is here)

Matthew Morrison’s exit from So You Think You Can Dance has been relatively under the radar because of timing (a long weekend in the US, combined with a massive national tragedy). He confirmed it with a statement that included, “I did not follow competition production protocols, preventing me from being able to judge the competition fairly.” It’s one thing to “exit” (sounds like he was fired) but quite another for a host to clarify why they were fired. If this is what’s public facing, it must be messy as hell behind the scenes. (Link is here)

Seriously with this photo Chris Evans? He knows exactly what he’s doing! (Link is here)


Winona Ryder has a long-standing, pretty iconic relationship with Marc Jacobs and we are being reminded of that with a new campaign. Fashion houses don’t spare budget on tapping the biggest celebrities of all ages for their photo shoots but there’s so many campaigns that the attention is short-lived. I don’t think that will be the case for Winona because her public appearances are scarce and the demand for more of her work is so high. (Links are here and here)

The emails/ tweets/ DMs you all send me about Jon Bernthal absolutely crack me up, especially as the We Own the Night gifs make the rounds on Twitter. This kind of thirst didn’t start with Jon though; a few months ago, it was Jonathan Bailey and right now it’s Jon Bernthal but there’s been a noticeable uptick for Miles Teller. The responses to this tweet have had me in stitches for days. (Link is here)