Taika Waititi got a new tattoo (obviously for Rita Ora) and that’s great, they are newlyweds. But can I gently point out that we already have a Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. And a Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. We might have another “roasting each other online is our love language” couple on our hands. Stay vigilant. 


Remember in the summer when Ben and JLo where house hunting for a massive mansion? Well it doesn’t seem like they found anything they like and are reportedly renovating one of JLo’s homes. Renovations, especially on this scale, cost money. And renovations usually go over budget and right now, with inflation, everything costs more. Ben doing a Super Bowl commercial and Jennifer doing sponcon for a cruise line makes me think that they want to make some quick cash. Do you think this Instagram post covers new kitchen island or a powder room?


Phoebe Philo left Celine in 2017 but the popularity of her pieces has not waned and shopping “Old Celine” is an art. Now that she is coming back with a September 2023 date, it’s already causing a frenzy. I’m positive that there are celebrities already trying to get pieces and few will succeed. Having a piece of new Phoebe will be a huge status symbol and what she presents in September will have a massive influence on fashion for the next couple of years. So who will get early access? If I had to guess, based on history, the Olsens, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell. 


The English-to-emoji translations on Lea Michele’s TikTok are crying laughing face. 



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I hate to write about this one because Melanie Lynskey is a beloved treasure and Adrianne Curry wants attention so I’m not going to link to the dumb tweets (and if you look through Adrianne’s thread, which I do not recommend as your time is too important for that, this is exactly the kind of person she is). That said, here’s a throwback of Melanie at the Emmys. Oh and one of Jason Ritter and Melanie, just because.