Do you think, in a way, Lily Collins was glad the flop Golden Globes happened virtually this year? Emily In Paris has been a social media punchline but also a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the Globes, which puts the show in a weird position. How do you celebrate something everyone else is snickering about?


Yesterday I posted about the decline of the high heel shoe in 2020 and denim is right behind it. I understand that in its role as support for the fashion industry, Vogue is invested in helping brands see it through the pandemic but jeans, as loungewear? Jeans to wear on the couch? That’s a bridge too far. It’s never going to happen for the majority of us. This isn’t aspirational, it’s straight-up unrealistic.

We have two birthday posts from pop stars to dissect today. The post preceeding Justin Timberlake’s Happy Birthday note to his wife Jessica Biel was a notes apology (kinda) to Britney and Janet so he probably put some extra thought into this and tried to not make it about himself. As for Shawn Mendes, and I realize this may be controversial, but I think he nailed it.


One skill I really wished for during the panny is knowing how to sew. I would make clothes! Or so I tell myself. I do want to learn how to knit so if anyone out there has a good resource for someone that has never touched knitting needles and is frankly quite useless at most things, send it to me.

This tweet is excellent but so is the thread that follows. Tyra and company had them doing all kinds of stunts, like a runway on water, a fire runway, a treadmill runway and working with poisonous animals. Those producers worked overtime to come up with ridiculous challenges, even by reality TV standards.


Who is watching Lupin? I thoroughly enjoyed it but I burned through it too quickly. If I had planned for only 5 episodes, I would have spaced it out more because it was highly entertaining. 

Seth Rogen is making a lot of headlines for her new weed venture, Houseplant, which is not exactly new. He’s been invested in the Canadian company for years and they are now expanding to the US, which is obviously a much larger market than Canada. Where I live, cannabis dispensaries are very common and Houseplant is widely available, though I’ve never sought it out. I would absolutely seek out his ceramics though, which are part of the new expansion. I would invest in a Seth Rogen original.


How long until Gwyneth Paltrow takes credit for The Rock’s first cupping session. She discovered it sometime between when she discovered yoga and wearing a mask during a global pandemic.