I’m taking over for Maria today and there’s been a movement in The Force! And of course by The Force, I mean the Supreme Being known as Beyoncé who dropped her critically and commercially and dance club (which is all that matters in the culture) acclaimed album, RENAISSANCE, two months ago and … still no visuals! The streets have been waiting on these visuals. But does this count as visuals? 


I mean, she’s the Queen, so of course I’m visually stimulated but, like, it’s only a minute. It’s not a music video. This is a commercial. So I guess we’re still waiting on the visuals. The people in her mentions are demanding it. You know it’s serious when they call her by her middle name. 

That said, let’s just be grateful she gave us something. 

In other Beyoncé-related news… literally, it was a big weekend for Solange. And her sister and Miss Tina came out to support.


Question: is this where Miss Tina and Beyoncé were sitting? The seats don’t seem elite enough but then again, the camera work is … on brand for Miss Tina. 

I posted in today’s open about Adam Levine getting trolled on Saturday Night Live. And SNL was trolled for their new font. As SNL noted themselves in that sketch about papyrus font a few years ago (Ryan Gosling hosted) people have big feelings about fonts. 


One of the big non-gossip fashion stories coming out of Paris this weekend was Bella Hadid getting a dress spray-painted on her. Which I know is stunty but also…at least to me…it’s actually kinda cool because I’m not sure everyone appreciates that the paint becomes fabric, like literal alchemy. And it’s washable and recyclable and apparently you can break it down later into other materials or something? Anyway if you haven’t already, it’s when she’s walking afterwards, and you can see the movement of the piece, where it all comes together how innovative it is. Again, at least to me. Maybe you think a dress is just a dress. Can’t argue with that either. 

Oh hi, it’s that time – happens whenever I borrow this space from Maria, there will always be BTS content. Today it’s something to catch up on: Suga flew to Japan last week for the NBA exhibition game and Steph Curry gave him his game kicks. 


On the court though, Steph was the one who wanted a selfie for his kids. Another example of a universal truth for parents – you can be an all-star but your kids will always have their own idols. 

Speaking of athletes who are fans, Suga also met Naomi Osaka. And it’s a pure fangirl moment because  “Autumn Leaves” is a deep cut.