Brad Pitt’s casual girlfriend responded to someone on Instagram asking her why she “hates” Angelina Jolie. That answer led to more questions and comments on it, which she answered to as well with platitudes about haters and love. It’s cringe and Nicole might not realize that she’s feeding a beast – the more she engages, the more they will comment. Or maybe she does know and that’s what she’s going for. 


After Bella Hadid’s post with Gigi and her dad Mohamed posted a letter to his (future) grandchild, there was a lot of speculation that the baby had arrived. But in comments, Bella said it she’s not here yet and I would take her word. 

Jane Fonda was on Drew Barrymore’s new talk show and she said that Drew brought Chelsea Handler to one of her parties and because it was over Zoom, I couldn’t quite hear what Jane said. It was either, “it’s was a bad move” or “she was in a bad mood.” Drew moved past it quickly but this is the story I want to hear – what happened with Chelsea at Jane Fonda’s disco party?


W Magazine shot TV stars as the characters from the show they are currently binge watching. So, for example, Dan Levy as Nicholas Hoult in The Great and Ozark’s Julie Garner as Shiv from Succession and Pen15’s Maya Erskine as Pauly from The Sopranos – it’s an interesting shoot. Millie Bobby Brown is getting headlines for her Jennifer Aniston look, which doesn’t look like Jennifer Aniston at all. She needed a “The Rachel” wig. Who would your binge watch character be? 

Cardi B. and Offset’s divorce is getting more amicable, which is great. As Cody and Lainey have both pointed out, these two have been through it so maybe the only place to move to is peace. But I do wonder if Offset will try to try again. 


Olivia Munn was on Anna Faris’s podcast and talked about dating a conspiracy theorist. She said she first attributed his beliefs to a sheltered upbringing and that she should have seen it for what it was (a red flag). I have my guess – who’s yours?

I’ve kind of avoided Demi Lovato’s defense of her fiancé for tweets she said were doctored (basically, he said he had a crush on Selena Gomez) – you can read the details here. On the one hand, if there are some tweets before he even knew Demi, who cares if he had a crush on Selena Gomez?!?! Lots of people have crushes on many different celebrities – this is not a mark of one’s character. If anything, this shows how puritanical and immature fandoms can be. But, and it’s a big but, is it concerning that her team is concerned? I think it would depend on who makes up that team. Demi has been open about how she’s had people in her inner circle who have not been good for her, so it all comes down to motivation. Is it this inner circle’s job to keep Demi working or are they her friends? Usually those two roles don’t mix.