“Jane Fonda! People would call the police,” made me literally laugh out loud. 


The Wilsons are a very photogenic family. Look how grown up Future is!

Every once in a while a tweet about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s family wealth (her father was a billionaire) goes viral, like “Did you know Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a billionaire?” Yes, we know, but she is pretty low-key about it so we collectively choose to ignore it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her talk about money in an interview but I would be interested in what she has to say. 


Eric Andre lost 40 pounds and advice is: don’t cut out the French fries. He’s a comedian so obviously this is hyperbolic, but he talks about the irritation that comes with hunger. Hanger is real. Dieting is such a touchy subject but I can appreciate his honesty about his mood and feeling like he wasn’t living his life (no fun food or alcohol), because how many times have we been told that celebrities do nothing to get ripped and it’s just a little Pilates or yoga but they eat what they want like pizza and burgers. Lies!


Bella Hadid is promoting her health drink. I had to Google what an angel number is and I wonder if Bella, who is influential, will be inspiring a whole new audience to take up numerology. 

Is it me or is sports betting everywhere all the time now? Constant ads and I’m hardly the target audience. Lots of celebrity endorsements, too, which feels a little NFT/crypto-ish. 


As I mentioned yesterday in my Vanderpump Rules story, great reality TV always allows room for evolution in relationships and redemption. Breakups and makeups need to happen (kind of like a soap opera – you need consistent faces but new storylines). With that, cast members are very slowly making space for Raquel/Rachel. Cameras are up soon and they know what they are doing. 

Yesterday, I read Sarah’s story on The Afterparty and it’s a show I meant to watch but didn’t. It is on the list this weekend because of Sarah and Sam Richardson, who I have loved since Veep. He’s very underrated.


This video is a year old but it never gets old. “They let all the children free” gets me every single time. Some of us live with a secret, unpopular opinion and that opinion is: summer is the worst. This made us feel seen.