According to People magazine, Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah are done for good. They’ve been on and off for a while but a source told People, “She is very happy. She'd rather be single than waste her time with the wrong guy." That’s a very clear message from her team that the door is shut. 


It’s Tomlette time! Matthew Macfadyen profile in Vanity Fair by Joy Press is my must read for today. Out of the entire cast, Macfadyen and Sarah Snook seem most unlike their TV characters. Kieran Culkin is cheeky, Jeremy Strong is intense, Nicholas Braun is a mumbler and Brian Cox can clear a b-tch – all things that seem to serve them in this specific work. Tom Wambsgans shares one key trait with his menacing father-in-law: unpredictability. His intent is clear (to climb to the top of the sh-t pile that is Waystar Royco) but we don’t know how far he will go to get there. Macfadyen’s disarming nature is why he so often surprises the audience. And yes, the Jeremy Strong/New Yorker profile comes up. I get the sense that Macfadyen was… not impressed. 


That is the second time the New Yorker profile on Jeremy Strong has come up in the last few weeks. Michelle Williams defended Jeremy Strong (who lived with her after Heath Ledger died) in her Variety profile, noting how important his presence was for Matilda. She doesn’t give a lot of interviews and is very private, so for her to really focus on the details (down to Jeremy’s clothes), it seems like she really, really wanted to speak up for her friend. 


A satirical tweet about a Glee reboot starring James Corden made its way around Twitter and some people believed it. Even if we remove the James Corden part, Glee should never be rebooted. It’s like those ancient crypts that historians keep trying to open – just leave it alone!


The Cara Delevingne conversation continues on Twitter, which is funnier than anything on Instagram. Cara hasn’t responded to the controversy but recently launched a prosecco line with her sisters. Everybody wants in on alcohol right now.