Have you heard about the Gwyneth Paltrow ski trial musical? I would absolutely watch this, I think it’s brilliant. Will there be a song called, “I Wish You Well”?


In anticipation of Griselda and getting back to work, Sofia Vergara is getting her first big post-divorce interview out of the way with PEOPLE. This is a great PR strategy – concise but forward-thinking. Acknowledge it but don’t linger.


Martha Stewart said “f-ck it” (not in those exact words) and is not hosting Thanksgiving this year. Instead, she’s visiting friends and making stops at their houses to eat their food and drink their booze. What would you make if Martha Stewart was coming to your house? I would not make a turkey, because everyone else will have a turkey. I would make a roast chicken stuffed with rice and sausage. 


Chris McMillan gave Melanie Griffiths a fresh cut. The long lob looks great on her. Chris is very, very in demand and I read a story once where he went to an actress’s hotel and cut her hair at 3 am and I wondered if this was because of her schedule or his. The man is booked and busy. And the prime time spots must be reserved for Jennifer Aniston. 


How did John Legend keep these white pants crease free? Maybe he hadn’t sat down yet because these would instantly wrinkle. There’s something very 70s about this look and the vibe fits. It’s a crooner outfit and he is a crooner. That’s kind of the perfect way to describe his style of music. (Suit is Gucci.)


Big announcement: Snoop Dogg is giving up smoking! All jokes aside (what will happen to his full-time blunt roller? Will that person be transferred to another position in the organization?) I hope Snoop is OK. He really was a pioneer in the acceptance of cannabis. 


There’s a rumour that Beyoncé is going to take over that big sphere in Las Vegas after U2. I am skeptical for a few reasons. Beyoncé doesn’t do leaks. Beyoncé is not second to any artist. Beyoncé just came off a massive tour and always takes time to regenerate and move into her next phase. She doesn’t jump project to project. That said, do I think Vegas is always a possibility for artists? Yes, there’s a ton of advantages to it that go beyond money. You can be home for the school run in LA and perform in Vegas the same night and get back to LA to sleep in your bed.