Julia Fox has reached the “grocery shopping in her underwear” phase of fame, so these fifteen minutes are almost up. (Go Fug Yourself)


Famous COVID denier Eric Clapton caught COVID. No. You don’t say. Shocking. (DListed)

ABC says they’re open to having Chris Rock host the 2023 Oscars. I mean. Feels inevitable, right? (Celebitchy)

NSFW, but here’s a hot Formula 1 driver for you. As a treat. (OMG Blog)

This is a heartbreaking account of Taylor Hawkins’ final days and his purported exhaustion with touring. Unfortunately, it turns into a bit of a he said/he said, as all of Hawkins’ friends recall him expressing weariness with travel and bouts of intense stage fright, but Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, through representatives, deny that he ever raised any concerns with them. That is…not a great look, given how many people outside the band seemed aware Hawkins was struggling. But this is worth a read, just to understand the toll touring takes on even the most successful bands, and to farewell one of rock’s most popular dudes. (Rolling Stone)