Is it just me or was it lighter on celebrity Thanksgiving posts this year on social media? Let’s start with Jennifer Garner whose Thanksgiving share was baking cookies. I’m not here to talk about the cookies, I’m here to talk about the outfit. Because when I cook, I have to be in loungewear. And she’s doing this in a suede skirt with a sweater and boots and …how can you cook when you’re DRESSED? An apron doesn’t protect you against all kinds of stains and flying sauces and drips and oil and I don’t get it. 


Do you cook in your nice clothes? Or is it just that this was for a brand partnership? 

Leah Remini’s post wasn’t a brand partnership and I can’t see her outfit, but she’s trying to peel sweet potatoes while wearing jewellery. I can’t cook with jewellery on either, so this is also a mystery to me. Also a mystery, as noted yesterday – what happened between Leah and JLo because there was a time when they’d be spending holidays together. To go back to the food, though, and her frustration with the sweet potatoes, you know what the problem is? The problem is the dish she’s making. The sweet potato and marshmallow thing is gross. I hate marshmallows, not as much as I hate raisins, but I really don’t like them. Maybe this is the thing that makes me a monster. 


And finally on Thanksgiving… Martha Stewart, who said she was cancelling it but then clarified that she wasn’t cancelling it and all I care about is the mashed potatoes that brought her and Snoop Dogg together. I will try these mashed potatoes when I get home. 


Not sure where Amanda Seyfried spent Thanksgiving, but earlier this week she was in Shanghai for Lancôme in a very pretty gold dress and they recreated the Louvre. That’s also a great shot of Shanghai lit up in the background. As I’ve been saying, alllll the brands are going big in the Asian market. And it’ll be a very big deal when Pharrell brings Louis Vuitton to Hong Kong next week. Which means… I should just stay here in this part of the world, right? 


It takes about 9.5 hours to fly from Hong Kong to Australia which is long AF, but not as long as it would be to fly from Toronto to Australia which is around 22 hours. Clunky segue but I really just want to talk about Kelly Rowland’s denim look in Australia where she performed recently because out of all the denim we’ve seen recently, this has to be one of the best. 


The Soul Train Awards are happening this Sunday with Keke Palmer hosting and that’s just so Keke – we know it’s been a f-ck of a time in her personal life but she’s not hiding, and she’s not letting her violently abusive ex get in the way of her bag. That includes the show but also her endorsements. Here’s the one degree of separation between Keke and Travis Kelce: vaccination! 


And finally… 

I mentioned it yesterday and I have to talk about it again today, even though I don’t really want to, and even though it’ll probably get me thrown out of the BTS ARMY but I can’t with this Jungkook collaboration with Justin Timberlake. And it’s not just because I don’t f-ck with Justin Timberlake. The “3D” remix? JT’s verse is SO CRINGE. This is how he opens: 

“Careful what you ask for

Jung and JT on the main now” 

“Jung”, short for Jungkook, because he’s trying to force JK’s name into one syllable is embarrassing. But even before you can recover, he basically makes it so that your muscles may never recover from the spasms that Justin’s blatant attempt at relevance with this line: 

“Now, let me fly you out to Seoul, Korea

I just wanna get into your soul like Aretha” 

No thank you. 

Justin Timberlake needs Jungkook and BTS’s ARMY more than JK needs JT. This was generous on Jungkook’s part. I get that he was doing charity for a man who is this desperado for clout. JT hasn’t trended this positively in years. And you know how he is – it’s not like he’s going to appreciate it.