After all this time, Jamie Spears is now all about #FreeBritney. So the target of the #FreeBritney movement is now onside with the #FreeBritney movement? It’s suspect as f-ck…and he sounds like a bitter asshole. Nothing in his statements sounds like this is about care and respect. There’s a tone to it all, isn’t there? The tone is “oh, you think you can do this without me? Well then fine, if this is what you want, go it alone, and see what happens”. You’d think a parent would be a lot less pissy about the fact that his daughter, who has struggled with so many difficulties, is in a position to be independent and in control of her own life. (Dlisted) 


Penelope Cruz wore a white Chanel dress in Venice and it’s lovely. I’m just not big on how it’s been styled. Like the hair choice isn’t doing much for me. And the black shoes are throwing me off too. (Go Fug Yourself) 

There are already so many next generation Kardashian-Jenner children and now Kylie is pregnant again with her second, and of course this is the happiest time, for everyone in the family. Between Kourtney’s three children, Kim’s four, and Khloe and Kylie’s, what’s going to be the percentage of kids who don’t want to go into the family business? (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s a Y2K fashion retrospective. Matching couples, tricked out bandanas (which I never tried and, honestly? I want to now, and that sh-t is actually now…again), and low rise pants, which are also returning, modified for these times – this is a fashion throwback and a comeback. (OMG Blog) 

I am not vegan – and I’m not usually drawn to vegan food. But everything on the menu at this vegan food truck is interesting to me and I would definitely try it. (Eater)